Photo by Donathan Dedolph — 91st Sojourners

The Timberwolf section is open to youth of all genders, aged 8–10 (grades 3 through 5). The Timberwolf Section is referred to as a Pack; the smaller group is known as a Six. 

The Timberwolf program is focused on hands-on outdoor skills, meaningful community service, and the strengthening of the Pack. There is a lore and magic to the Timberwolf program that is based on The Jungle Book, as written by Robert Baden-Powell‘s friend, Rudyard Kipling. In The Jungle Book, the human child Mowgli is raised in a pack of wolves, and taught The Laws of the Jungle by a series of animals. So, too, the Timberwolf in their Pack will learn the laws of the jungle and the power of community. 

All adult leaders must register with BPSA as Rovers and complete a Brownsea Training Course within their first year of membership. A minimum of two registered adult leaders is required whenever youth scouts are present.


BPSA Timberwolf Handbook – online handbook for all Timberwolf scouts. Print version pending. 
Wolf Cub Handbook – original Wolf Cub handbook by Robert Baden-Powell
Cubmaster’s First Year – Great resource for new Timberwolf Pack Leaders.
How to Run a Pack – More details on running a Timberwolf Pack by Gilcraft.
The Pack Scouter’s Handbook – Great resource for Timberwolf Cubmasters.

Uniforms and Badges:

Timberwolf Uniform – The current official uniform shirt & cap for all Timberwolf Scouts.
Timberwolf Badges & Awards – Must be ordered by GSMs or Scoutmasters (Section Leaders) ONLY.