Photo by: Jess Bollaert Eddleman — 21st Dancing Rabbit


The Otters are the youngest section in our program, for children aged 5-7 (grades K-2). The large group of Otters is called a Raft, and within it, Otter Dens. Otters go on adventures, learn useful outdoor and family skills, and participate in age-appropriate service to the community. They are crafting with their hands, working as a group, and camping together with their families. 

The Otters will meet at least once a month, led by two Rover Raft Leaders. There are also Den Leaders, who develop community within the smaller groups of Otters.  The Raft and Den Leaders are all working together with families to provide an exciting introduction to the game of scouting for our Otters. Leaders are encouraged to make, craft, and create the kind of experience that would spark Otters to stay with BPSA through their young lives. There is a set badgework curriculum, though how it's implemented is entirely up to the leaders within the Raft. Otters earn badges, participate in ceremonies, and have a magic and lore that is exciting and dynamic. 

All adult leaders must register with BPSA as background-checked Rovers and will need to complete a Brownsea Training Course within their first year of membership. A minimum of two registered Rovers is required at all times when youth scouts are present. 


Field Book for Otters (PDF)

Field Book for Otters (


Otter Leader Handbook (PDF)
Friends of the Forest – The story on which the Canadian Beaver program is based.
A Book for Eager Beavers – The companion book to the Friends of the Forest (1972).
Cubmaster’s First Year – Great resource for new Otter Raft Leaders.

Uniforms and Badges:

Otter Uniform – The official Otter uniform shirt & cap.
Otter Badges & Awards – Must be ordered by Group Scoutmasters, Quartermasters, or section leaders.