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New Registration/Chartering Process Now Live!

Welcome to the new BPSA Dashboard system! This is our Web-based site for managing all your registrations and charters with the Baden-Powell Service Association, US. Read More

Year-End, Tax-Deductible Donations

We’d like to take a moment to thank everyone involved with the BPSA for your efforts in helping our association grow exponentially in 2013, as we saw the number of chartered BPSA Scouting groups rise from fewer than a dozen a year ago to 45 today, with some great press and publicity along the way. Read More

BPSA Launches Online “Base Camp”!

We are officially launching our new BPSA Base Camp as an online gathering point/social networking site for connecting BPSA leaders, scouts, parents and volunteers with people interested in learning more or being a part of the Baden-Powell Service Association. Read More

Online Store Available

We finally have our online store available! You can get to it via the “Store” link in the main navigation menu above or access it online at this link: Read More

Q&A: How do I start a local group?

I am convinced, through nearly 2 years of running a local BPSA Scout Group, that you CAN get people involved in the program! Read More

Flyers for local Recruiting!

I’ve put together a template flyer that our local scouters can download and fill in the specific contact information for themselves or their group. Read More

A Simple Bend

I have always believed that the more ways I can find to teach something the better teacher I will be. Sometimes no matter what I say or do I have had youth that just don’t “get it”. Read More

Reef Knot versus Square Knot

It has been asked of me several times what’s the difference between a reef knot and a square knot. I can honestly say that here in the US there is no difference. Read More

Dr. Knott is here to help untangle the mystery of knots

Just a bit about myself. I am a member of the IGKT ( International Guild of Knot Tyers). I have been in scouting for more years then I’d like to remember and have found a lot of interest in knot tying from fellow members of both organizations. Read More