BPSA response to Boy Scouts of America ending ban on openly gay leaders


Today the Boy Scouts of America ended its nationwide ban on openly gay leaders. The Baden Powell Service Association-U.S (BPSA). acknowledges this as an important step toward inclusion of all those previously denied leadership roles in the Boy Scouts of America.

However, the revised leadership policy still allows chartering organizations to discriminate against current or prospective leaders, including in matters of sexuality and religious belief.

There remains work to be done by the Boy Scouts of America before its organization can become truly inclusive and welcoming to everyone– regardless of age, gender, sexual preference, or religious belief. As a fellow scouting organization, the BPSA urges the Boy Scouts of America to continue their forward strides toward inclusivity and acceptance for all.

In the meantime, the original game of scouting is alive and well at the BPSA, and everyone is invited to play. The reality of inclusive, co-ed scouting is here today.