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Chief Commissioner Steps Down After Five Years of Service

After a half decade in the position, Chief Commissioner David Atchley recently announced his intent to step down as Baden-Powell Service Association’s (BPSA) Chief Commissioner due to personal reasons. Read More

BPSA response to Boy Scouts of America ending ban on openly gay leaders

Today the Boy Scouts of America ended its nationwide ban on openly gay leaders. The Baden Powell Service Association-U.S (BPSA). Read More

Tomorrow Is Founder’s Day…

As a reminder to everyone, tomorrow, February 22, is not just Washington’s Birthday, but also the birthday of our Founder, Lord Baden-Powell—and is traditionally known as “Founder’s Day.” Read More

Magazine Article About 91st Sojourners BPSA

A great article about the BPSA and our 91st Sojourners group based in Kingston, New York, has been published in the Hudson Valley Parent magazine’s February 2014 issue. Read More

Front-Page Press!

Our local St. Louis area groups got some front-page coverage in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch this morning, check out the article and leave a comment there if you can! Read More

BPSA Commissioner interviewed in St. Louis Beacon

An interview with BPSA Chief Commissioner David Atchley has been posted on the St. Louis Beacon website. Read More

BPSA Commissioner does Reddit AMA

So, for any of our members and supporters that frequent redditors (see, I did an AMA, or Ask Me Anything a few days back. Read More

BPSA Segment on KWMU’s “St. Louis on the Air”

David Atchley was interviewed by Don Marsh of KWMU‘s “St. Louis on the Air” program on Wednesday, July 25, 2012. Read More

Partnership With Scouting for All

It seems only apropos that our Association, the BPSA, partner with those organizations that support and work towards one of our many goals, which is providing an opportunity for youth and adults, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or no-religion, or any other differences, to participate in the Scouting movement! Read More

Overcoming Inertia…

Inertia, as understood in classical physics, typically refers to the First Law of Motion as described by Newton, paraphrased below: Read More