Volunteer Needed: BPSA Nat’l Secretary



BPSA is looking for volunteer applicants for the position of Secretary.

Application deadline: February 15, 2015

What are we looking for in our volunteer staff?

Consider this position if you…

  • believe in our mission to bring traditional scouting to the US within the context of a coed, inclusive environment,
  • have time and enthusiasm for our cause and program,
  • are willing to work hard to help BPSA succeed as a youth program, and
  • are 18 or over and are currently registered as BPSA member or eligible to register upon acceptance of the position.

If you meet the above criteria, read on; you could be a great fit for this needed role within our organization.

Summary of Secretary duties:

  1. BPSA Secretary is responsible for managing the chartering/registration process, keeping up-to-date information/records on those items, and handling feedback and communication with members regarding the registration/charter process.
  2. Responsible for keeping track of, filing, and submitting our corporate records at the State and Federal level, and managing that paperwork.
  3. Responsible for taking minutes of all HQ/Board meetings and making those minutes available to the Staff and membership in an orderly fashion.
  4. Responsible for working with our third-party background check provider to ensure all adult registrations are submitted for background check and reviewed (bringing up any issues with HQ during Board meetings)
  5. Will be part of our online support team, helping to field questions from members and others regarding policy, program, and more (all BPSA staff help in this area) via our ZenDesk application.
  6. Will be part of the Board of Directors (HQ), and an integral voting member on policy and program.
  7. Be expected to attend quarterly conference calls with HQ/Board; and other ad-hoc conference call meetings as may apply.
  8. Expected to be a registered Rover Scout with the BPSA and promoting the program and organization in any way possible.

Volunteer applications should be sent via email to hq@bpsa-us.org. The “subject” line should mention the position being applied for, and the following information should be provided in the email:

Full Name: (First M. Last)

Social Security #: We do require a background check for all positions.

Contact Info: Phone number, alternate email

Address: Postal Address

BPSA Scout Group (if any): If you’re registered with a Group or as a Lone Scout, let us know.

Resume/CV (attachment): If you have a resume or CV that provides background related to your position or that you might think is relevant, please attach it.

Why you want to take on this position? Give us a summary of why you want this position; what intrigues you about it, what ideas you bring to the role, and why/how you think taking on this role would be a benefit for BPSA and its program.

Remember, we need your application sent in to us by no later than February 15, 2015!

We look forward to hearing from you as we begin this process of staffing out HQ and working to make our organization and program more complete and successful!

Yours in Traditional Scouting,

BPSA HQ Staff and Committee